Why Michael Bisping will have no problems against Jorge Rivera

Going over a video of the UFC 120 Michael Bisping versus Yoshihiro Akiyama fight, the improvements Michael Bisping has made in his MMA career have been quite impressive. Bisping started his UFC career on the ultimate fighter show, under the tutelage of Tito Ortiz. Although Matt Hamil was the MMA fighter favored to win the third season of the show, Bisping capitalized on a Matt Hamil injury and fought his way to the ultimate fighter title.

Michael Bisping’s MMA record is as good as it gets. His current MMA record is 20-3, and all his losses come at the hands of fighters who have had a championship title at some point in their respective careers. Bisping was already a decent kick-boxer during his time on the ultimate fighter, and the improvements he made over the years were clearly visible in his fight against Akiyama.

Bisping’s biggest weakness has been his wrestling; the primary reason Matt Hamil was favored over Bisping during their ultimate fighter stint. While Bisping has not really had a chance to display his improvements in the wrestling department, his work ethic and dedication would suggest Bisping has been diligently working on all aspects of MMA including wrestling.

Bisping won’t really need his wrestling skills going up against Jorge Rivera. Rivera loves striking and Bisping will be happy to oblige. Bisping stood his ground against Akiyama, and outpointed the Japanese MMA fighter in all three rounds. In the fight, Bisping was very comfortable as he outclassed his opponent.

Jorge Rivera is one of those MMA fighters who constantly find a way to defeat fighters fans think they don’t stand a chance against. Fighters like Kendall Grove and Nate Quarry didn’t expect to lose to Rivera, but ended up getting knocked out.

Michael Bisping’s kick-boxing should keep him safe from Jorge Rivera’s knockout power. Bisping will engage Rivera in the center of the Octagon and use his superior technical skills to outpoint his opponent. I expect the fight to be even more exciting than Bisping’s last fight, with Bisping finally putting Jorge Rivera out of commission in the third round.

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