Why BJ Penn will defeat Jon Fitch at UFC 127

BJ Penn’s boxing will be his greatest asset against one of the best welterweight MMA fighters in the world, Jon Fitch. The fight between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch will be the main event of the upcoming UFC 127 fight card, scheduled for Feb 26. Penn is coming of a fast knockout of former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes. In the rubber match between the two fighters, Penn completely overwhelmed Matt Hughes with his boxing and was able to send Hughes to the ground with a solid right hand. BJ swarmed Hughes with punches and handed the former champion his quickest loss in his MMA career.

Watching the video of the third fight between BJ Penn and Matt Hughes, it is obvious BJ Penn still has many more fights to offer fans of MMA. After his 2nd consecutive loss to Frankie Edgar, some thought BJ Penn had reached the end of his career. The thing some fail to realize is the fact that Frankie just happens to have the tools necessary to survive an encounter in the Octagon with a MMA legend like BJ Penn.

Frankie Edgar is a pretty good boxer, and was clearly faster that BJ during their two fights. Edgar’s speed turned out to be BJ’s kryptonite and it allowed to Edgar to outpoint his opponent. Frankie’s speed and solid wrestling was too much for BJ, and the outcome would probably be the same if the two MMA fighters ever cross paths in the future.

BJ won’t have to worry about that against Fitch. While Fitch is arguable the second best fighter in the UFC welterweight division, his speed is nowhere near that of Frankie Edgar. BJ will have no problems dominating Fitch in the striking department. His takedown defense is good enough to stop Fitch’s takedown attempts, and even if Penn is taken down; he should have no problems getting back to his feet.

While BJ has indicated he plans on returning to the lightweight division in the future, the reality is BJ is a threat to anyone in the welterweight division, including the champion.

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