Who’s to Blame for Manny Pacquiao’s Loss?

Going into Timothy Bradley’s June 9 welterweight title clash against Manny Pacquiao, many boxing fans assumed the undefeated up and comer needed a knockout to secure the victory.

Given Pacquiao’s popularity, and the way things went down in his last bout against Juan Manuel Marquez, it seemed likely that a decision would go his way, regardless of what happened inside the boxing ring.

Surprisingly, Pacquiao was the one who ended up getting robbed at the MGM Grand, sending the boxing community into a frenzy.

So the question now is, who deserves the blame for Pacquiao’s controversial loss?

The Nevada State Athletic Commission certainly deserves some of the blame, considering the fact they were the ones overseeing the event.

However, I hold Top Rank promoter Bob Arum equally responsible. When you think of the biggest robberies within the last year, Pacquiao vs. Marquez III comes to mind, as well as the Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril decision. When you add Pacquiao-Bradley into the mix, there’s one common denominator: Bob Arum.

Well-respected boxing analyst Teddy Atlas shared his thoughts on the controversy after the fight.

“I’m not sure if it’s accurate that Pacquiao was about to leave one of the kingpins of the sport, Bob Arum,” Atlas said. “His contract was running out. But I think it was. And when that happens, sometimes funny things happen. But the bottom line is, if you’re an honest man, if you’re a competent person that knows what he’s watching, Pacquiao won that fight. Only one man won that fight. And, you know, he doesn’t get the decision. It’s an injustice to the sport, injustice to the fighters, injustice to the fanbase. It’s one of the fallacies. It’s one of the problems with the sport of boxing right now is that the wrong guy wins sometimes.”

Even Roger Mayweather – who is certainly not a Pacquiao fan – came to the former WBO welterweight champion’s defense, while issuing a stern warning to NSAC.

“Can’t lie i hate Manny but he did beat the [expletive] out of Bradley. But like i said it’s no one to blame but Bob Arum,” Mayweather tweeted.

“I know one thing if the judges ever pull that on my nephew. They better go under protective custody,” Mayweather added.

However, given how close Roger is to boxing’s pound-for-pound king, he couldn’t resist taking a shot at Pacquiao.

“Floyd [Mayweather] kept telling this midget to take the 40 mill,” Mayweather wrote. “But he wanted to be defiant now look what happen. His wife a part of the Money Team now!”


Scott Christ, “Pacquiao vs Bradley Video: Teddy Atlas Discusses Corruption in Boxing…

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