UFC will Discipline Michael Bisping for Post-Fight Behavior

Michael Bisping’s actions after winning his UFC 127 fight against Jorge Rivera have angered some MMA fans. Respect between MMA fighters is something fans of the sport have come to expect. After putting Rivera out of business with a barrage of hooks, Michael Bisping got caught up in the moment, spitting towards Rivera’s cornermen and yelling at the downed fighter. UFC president Dana White has announced Bisping will face disciplinary actions for his behavior after his fight at UFC 127.

This is not the first time Bisping’s behavior has offended fans of MMA. During his time on the Ultimate fighter MMA series, Bisping came across a little petty, constantly complaining of the favoritism he felt fellow competitor Matt Hamil was enjoying. While his concerns might have had some validity to them, Bisping’s complaints left many with a bad taste in their mouth, considering the fact Hamil was hearing impaired.

The bad blood between Bisping and Rivera leading up to their UFC 127 fight was not due to the Englishman’s actions though. Jorge Rivera made a series of videos that made fun of Bisping and those associated with him. The videos were obviously meant to promote the UFC 127 fight between the two, and were honestly quite entertaining. However, Bisping took the videos personally. By fight time, it was obvious both men had developed some real disdain for one another.

During their UFC 127 fight, Bisping landed an illegal knee on Rivera’s head when he was clearly down. Rivera could have milked the situation and forced the disqualification. To the excitement of the MMA fans watching the UFC 127 fight event, Rivera got back to his feet and continued the fight. The kind of character Rivera showed during the fight, makes it hard for me to believe Jorge Rivera had any sinister intentions with the videos he put out. He simply tried to sell a fight and irritate a less experienced MMA fighter.

While Bisping’s Behavior is nothing compared to fellow Brit Paul Daley’s sucker punch on Josh Koscheck after being out wrestled by Koscheck for 15 minutes. It is wise for Dana White and the UFC to nip such behavior right in the bud. MMA is a professional sport and fighters need to remember it’s never personal.


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