Tyson Griffin Joins Florian and Stevenson in UFC Featherweight Division

Another MMA fighter in the UFC’s lightweight division has decided to drop down to the featherweight class. UFC veteran Tyson Griffin will be cutting down to the MMA promotion’s featherweight division. Griffin’s move to the featherweight division makes him the third well known UFC fighter to drop down to the featherweight division in recent times.

Griffin’s first opponent in the featherweight division will be Manny Gamburyan, at the UFC Live 4 MMA fight event. Gamburyan came into the UFC as a lightweight, and later dropped down to the featherweight division. With the WEC’s merger with the UFC, Gamburyan will compete in the world’s largest MMA promotion once again.

Griffin will hope to enjoy the type of success MMA fighters like Manny Gamburyan have enjoyed after dropping down in weight class. After losing three of his five MMA fights in the UFC, Gamburyan dropped to the feather weight division, leaving for the WEC. The move to the featherweight division was an instant success for Gamburyan, who won his first three fights in the WEC, against MMA veterans like Leonard Garcia, and former featherweight champion Mike Brown.

Gamburyan’s accomplishments in the WEC earned him a title shot against current UFC featherweight champion (then WEC featherweight champion) Jose Aldo. Gamburyan lost his title shot against Aldo, and will be trying to get back into title contention with a win over Griffin.

Griffin move to the UFC’s featherweight division should do wonders for his MMA career. At only 5’6″, Griffin frame is better suited for the featherweight division. Like Kenny Florian, Griffin should have an immediate impact in the featherweight division. It’s only a matter of time before Griffin eventually fights his way towards a title shot. While the UFC featherweight title is being well guarded by current champion Jose Aldo, the recent additions to the division makes is a tough place to retain a title.

Jose Aldo, who is considered by some to be one of the pound-for-pound best MMA fighters in the world, will be vigorously tested in the near future. The UFC’s merger with the WEC has now given undersized lightweight MMA fighters, the opportunity to compete at a more appropriate weight class.


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