Top 5 lightweights in MMA

The lightweight division in MMA has some of the fastest and most entertaining fighters in the sport. Here are the best five lightweight fighters currently competing in MMA, in my opinion.

1. Frankie Edgar

Edgar is the current UFC lightweight champion and has been impressive in his entire MMA career. Edgar shocked the world when he upset former champion BJ Penn at UFC 112. Edgar shocked MMA fans once again when he successfully defended his lightweight belt, giving him his second consecutive victory over the UFC future hall of famer Penn, at the UFC 118 MMA fight event. Until he loses his UFC lightweight championship belt, Edgar will remain at the top of the 155 pound weight class in MMA.

2. BJ Penn

While BJ’s last two fights have been in the welterweight division, his success at the welterweight division shows Penn’s MMA career is far from over. BJ has indicated he plans on returning to the lightweight division and beside Frankie Edgar, I can’t really see anyone in the division giving him any problems.

3. Gray Maynard

The only man to ever defeat current UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, Maynard was a few punches away from ending their second encounter in the first round. Maynard has made significant improvements since his ultimate fighter days. Maynard has the potential to one day become the UFC lightweight champion.

4. Gilbert Melendez

With a MMA record of 18-2, the current Strikeforce champion has earned his spot on the top five list. Currently on a four fight winning streak, Melendez will probably be the Strikeforce lightweight champion for quite some time.

5. Shinya Aoki

One of the best Japanese fighters in MMA right now, Aoki has been consistently impressive in his MMA career. He went the full distance with current Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez and should continue to climb his way up the MMA lightweight division fighter rankings.

These are the top 5 lightweight fighters currently in the sport of MMA. Other fighters that almost made the list include Eddie Alvarez, Jim Miller and Anthony Pettis. UFC veteran lightweight contender Kenny Florian was not included, as he will be dropping down to the featherweight division .

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