Timothy Bradley Plans to Outbox Manny Pacquiao

With his June 9 showdown against Manny Pacquiao a few days away, undefeated Timothy Bradley remains confident about his chances. Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight title will be on the line when the two square up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. And Bradley plans to take it away from the Filipino congressman by outboxing him.

“Most of the guys that he’s faced, they stand right in front of him and they come forward,” Bradley said during a recent interview. “But when you’ve got a guy that can be right here one minute and be over there the next minute, and weave over here now, it’s a lot more difficult because he has to find me. … I think that Manny has to worry about my right hand, and my movement. My movement is going to kill him. It’s going to throw him off. He needs a fighter that stands in front of him, you know.”

Bradley’s strategy certainly makes sense, considering the fact it typically isn’t a smart idea to trade punches with a powerful puncher like Pacquiao. Juan Manuel Marquez was pretty successful with a similar strategy last November, forcing Pacquiao to look for him, while landing crisp counters.

Manny Pacquiao is clearly the more experience boxer, but I don’t think that will help him much against Timothy Bradley. His training camp has been a complete mess, with everything from legal problems in the Philippines, to friction between training staff members.

A few days ago, trainer Freddie Roach declared that Alex Ariza (strength and conditioning coach) won’t be allowed to corner Pacquiao against Bradley. But he ended up changing his mind after a conversation with Pacquiao. With so much going on behind the scenes, it’s hard to predict which Pacquiao will show up on Saturday.

Even Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum has some doubts about his number one fighter, and he gives Bradley a 50 percent chance of emerging victorious.

“I think it’s an even fight,” Arum said during a conversation with Chris Robinson. “If Manny performs the same way that he did in the Marquez fight, Bradley will beat him.”


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