Thiago Silva’s MMA License Revoked by NSAC

The Nevada State Athletic Commission handed out MMA fighter Thiago Silva’s punishment for his failed urine test on April 7. NASC revoked light-heavyweight Thiago Silva’s fight license for the duration of a year, from his fight at the UFC 125 MMA fight event with fellow top light-heavyweight Brandon Vera. Silva was also fined $33,750 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, for his failed drug test and subsequent attempts at a cover up.

Silva dominated Brandon Vera when the two fighters met at the UFC 125 MMA fight event, winning the fight rather easily. Now, Silva’s victory over Vera will be considered a no contest by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The one year suspension will definitely be a blow to Thiago Silva’s MMA career. Silva had only one MMA fight in 2010, and will only have one this year. With a total of two fights in two years, Silva will have some serious ring rust when he is eligible to return to MMA.

While I’m never a fan of athletes who feel the need to use performance enhancing drugs, I have to give Silva some credit for the way he eventually handled the situation. Silva tested positive in his first drug test, and his second sample was inconclusive. The Nevada State Athletic Commission then filed a complaint claiming the MMA fighter’s second sample was altered.

Silva quickly issued a statement after being accused of altering his urine sample. In his statement, Silva admitted to taking a banned substance leading up to his match at the UFC 125 MMA fight event to help with a back injury. Silva also admitted to taking a substance designed to mask his urine sample.

In a day and age where athletes seem to deny all scandals, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, it is nice to see a fighter admit to his actions when caught red-handed.

Still, it might be time for the UFC to toughen their stance on performance enhancing drugs. MMA is already dangerous enough, and fighters shouldn’t have to worry about what the other guy is taking. A steroid epidemic in MMA is not going to help the UFC’s efforts to legalize the sport, all over the world.


Mike Whitman,” Silva’s License Revoked for 1 Year, Fined for Altering Drug Screen ”

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