Teddy Atlas on the Current State of Boxing

Manny Pacquiao’s controversial loss to Timothy Bradley rubbed many boxing fans the wrong way, and it even led to a WBO investigation.

Like many others, respected ESPN analyst Teddy Atlas didn’t agree with result of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight, but he’s even more frustrated with the fact that many boxing fans don’t seem to care when it’s a less-popular fighter that gets robbed.

“I get upset that everyone is so upset,” Atlas said during an interview with Percy Crawford. “I’ve been yelling about this for 15 years on ESPN, every week, and everyone is so upset about Pacquiao getting robbed – which he got robbed, but why? Because it’s his name and he is a marquee big name? I mean, what about all of these kids that get robbed every week? They don’t count as much? We only get upset because it’s a big name? I mean, come on. Shouldn’t we be better than that? Are we upset because of the name? What about this poor kid [Carlos] Molina, who’s not a millionaire. … How about the kid Richard Abril?”

Teddy Atlas certainly makes some valid points, and it’s easy to understand where he’s coming from.

I wasn’t particular impressed with Carlos Molina’s performance against James Kirkland – he fought a little dirty, but referee Jon Schorle’s decision to disqualify him after the 10th round was certainly appalling. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation’s rulebook states that a fighter can be disqualified for interference from his cornermen, but Schorle should have used better judgment.

To make things worse, things were starting to heat up when Molina got disqualified, robbing boxing fans of what could have been a spectacular final two rounds.

Without a doubt, the cavalier attitude of casual boxing fans has a lot to do with the rampant robberies in the sport, as many don’t seem to care about the integrity of the results as long as their favorite fighters win. Pacquiao himself has benefited from some controversial decisions in the past, yet only a few of his fans are willing to admit it.


Percy Crawford, “Teddy Atlas unplugged: ‘It’s wrong that Pacquiao got robbed…’


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