Chris Weidman makes MMA history with KO victory against Anderson Silva at UFC 162.

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

Chris Weidman made mixed martial arts (MMA) history on July 6, bringing an end to legendary middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s reign with a vicious left hook that turned out The Spider’s lights.   It was as shocking as an upset could be in mixed martial arts considering the fact Silva looked like he was on … Read more

UFC 162 Silva-Weidman weigh in: Whole card ready for Saturday night.

The UFC Octagon.

All main card fighters made weight for the big UFC 162 event tomorrow night on Pay-Per-View. In the main event Silva turned in at a shredded 184lbs as his opponent weighed in one above at 185lbs Both men are at their physical best — and for a reason. A loss would derail the great career … Read more

Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Sonnen: Another reason MMA fighters should take self-promotion seriously

Only about seven or so months ago, it seemed unlikely that we’d ever see a match between Anderson Silva, the reigning UFC middleweight champion and Chris Weidman, a New Jersey born upstart. While Weidman had recently done very well in his UFC match with Mark Munoz that was broadcast on Fuel TV 4, most fans … Read more