Sergio Martinez Vows to Give Chavez Jr a Serious Beating

After refusing to have his gloves weighed on June 15, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. successfully defended his WBC middleweight title a day later, knocking out Andy Lee during the seventh round of their encounter.

With the win, Chavez Jr. is on course to face Sergio Martinez on Sept. 15, and the animosity between the two should lead to a very entertaining fight.

Martinez wasn’t impressed with Chavez’ performance against Lee – many in the boxing community had the Irishman up on the scorecards before the knockout. And he vows to hand Chavez Jr. a serious beat-down.

“I will give Chavez the biggest beating that he ever got, so it’s better not to talk too much because he will go too far and damage his integrity,” Martinez said during an interview with “I’m starting to get upset and they will regret [their words], the father and the son, because I would never withdraw from anything. … He’s had an evolution with his quality. He’s a much better fighter [now]. He’s very strong and very big. I am really looking forward to [fighting him] because now it will be more of [an even fight] than it was two fights ago. I am really happy because I think that it’s the right time [to do this fight] and [there should be] no excuse.”

Even though Chavez Jr. has put together a solid professional boxing record, his antics have distanced him from hardcore fans of the sports. Many perceive Chavez Jr. as a spoilt brat, who has been handed everything he has – including his WBC title – due to his fathers’ accomplishments.

Chavez Jr. did display his toughness against Lee, and he’ll earn even more respect from boxing fans if he sticks to his word and faces Martinez in September. However, I’m not sure he has the skills needed to retain his title against Martinez, and he might find himself in serious trouble when the two collide in Las Vegas.


Rick Reeno, “Martinez Vows: I Will Give Chavez Jr. The Biggest Beating!

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