Roger Mayweather Offers Amir Khan Some Advice

Former WBA super world light welterweight champion, Amir Khan, is still recovering from his embarrassing loss to undefeated Danny Garcia on July 14, and he plans to make some serious changes regarding his boxing career.

Well-respected boxing trainer Roger Mayweather initially had some harsh things to say about Khan after his Saturday loss, but he offered the Brit some advice during a recent interview with Chris Robinson.

“You’ve got to believe you can win, otherwise you’ll never get over that [expletive],” Roger Mayweather said about Khan. “You’ve got to believe in what you do. Most guys, when they get knocked out, they never come back. In order to come back, you have to believe in yourself, that’s number one. … When I fought, whether I got knocked out or whatever the case was, me, I never focused on ‘I got knocked out.’ It’s inevitable, it happens. I never thought about what’s going to happen. Anybody can get stopped, anybody can make a mistake.”

Even though Khan has struggled in his last two fights, he certainly has the tools to be a world-class fighter. Mayweather made some valid points with his assessment of Khan, and the 25 year-old should be able to bounce right back if he makes the right changes.

“If I was teaching him I would teach him how to box, to keep them mother [expletive] away from him,” Mayweather added. “He’s tall, he’s rangy anyways. Learn how to control them with your reach.”

Besides sharpening up his boxing techniques, Khan also needs to work on his mental toughness, considering the fact focus seems to be a recurring issue with him. His ego also cost him big in his fight against Garcia. Instead of clinching up with Garcia and slowing down the pace when things got tough in the third round, Khan elected to trade shots with “Swift,” essentially digging his own grave.

Hopefully, Khan will learn from his mistakes and find a way to salvage his boxing career.


Chris Robinson, “R. Mayweather Says Khan Must Use His Long Reach

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