Robert Guerrero and Selcuk Aydin Deliver in Epic Showdown

Robert Guerrero became the interim WBC welterweight champion on July 28, handing Selcuk Aydin his first professional loss. He displayed his well-rounded boxing skills throughout the fight, and he showcased his grit and experience in the latter rounds, when Aydin tried to make a comeback.

All three judges scored the fight in favor of Guerrero, but I personally thought the fight was a lot closer than their scorecards reflected. Still, the judges got it right, and it was a solid win for “The Ghost,” who moved up two weight classes to face Aydin.

After his win against Aydin, Guerrero reiterated his desire to face boxing’s pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather.

“I believe in my talents and my skills,” Guerrero said. “I stood with him a little too long, but I’m a fighter. Now you know I can take a shot at the welterweight division. Floyd Mayweather, you want this belt, it’s right here. Come and get it. ”

Considering the long line of boxers hoping to get a title shot against Mayweather, Guerrero understands that a fight against Mayweather might not be in his immediate future. He also has he’s sights set on a few other tough welterweights.

“Right now I’m in a great position,” Guerrero said during an interview with “We’re in an awesome position. Now it’s about making the fights, whoever it is. Whether it’s [Paul] Malignaggi, or whether it’s [Josesito] Lopez. Whoever it is, [Victor] Ortiz. I’m looking for the best fights out there. We’re looking for that Mayweather fight. If we can’t get it, we’re looking for the next best fight out there.”

As far as Aydin is concerned, he certainly didn’t lose any fans with his performance against Guerrero, and I’m sure he’ll be back with a vengeance. Given all he was able to accomplish with his limited boxing skills against a technician like Guerrero, Aydin could still be a dominant force in the welterweight division if he commits to learning the finer points of the sweet science.


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