Rashad, UFC Wrong to Crash Jon Jones’ Moment

Some MMA fans might have been angered by the way the UFC handled Jon Jones’ victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Moments after Jones’ defeat of Rua at the UFC 128 MMA fight event, former Greg Jackson pupil Rashad Evans stepped into the cage, as the promotion announced the two fighters will be meeting up next for the light-heavyweight title.

While it is understandable the UFC would want to take advantage of the bad-blood between the two world class MMA fighters, I don’t think it was necessary for the promotion to crash what was probably the greatest moment in 23 year old Jones’ life.

One would think the UFC would be going out of their way, trying to keep Jon Jones happy. With his victory over Rua at the UFC 128 MMA fight event, Jones became the youngest champion in the promotion’s history. The only loss on Jones 13-1 MMA record was by disqualification in a fight he was clearly dominating. Jones and his head trainer Greg Jackson even had time for public service before his UFC 128 fight against Mauricio Rua. While on their way to meditate in New Jersey, Jones and his trainers chased and subdued a robber .

Yet, the UFC had no problems crashing the Octagon, and alerting the young MMA fighter that he would be fighting someone he once considered a brother.

Even with the events that transpired after Jones’ victory over Mauricio Rua at the UFC 128 MMA fight event, Jones kept his composure the entire time; reminding MMA fans why many have such high opinions of the new light-heavyweight champ. In the final weeks leading up to his title fight against Rua at the UFC 128 MMA fight event, Jones had many distractions that would have thrown off less focused fighters.

Rashad Evans definitely lost many MMA fans with his behavior leading up to the biggest fight in his teammate’s career. Now Rashad will get his chance against Jones who will probably hold on to the light-heavyweight belt for quite some time. At this point, I’m pretty sure when Jones eventually meets Rashad in the Octagon, he won’t have any problems smashing his face.


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