Rashad Evans Leaves Longtime Trainer Greg Jackson

No one could have guessed Jon Jones getting a shot at the UFC light-heavyweight belt would have caused so much tension within the ranks of the Greg Jackson MMA academy. Before Jones was offered the fight, things seemed to be going on pretty well for the Jackson camp. Now, with Jon Jones victory at the UFC 128 MMA fight event, Rashad Evans has announced he will be leaving his longtime trainer .

Apparently, Rashad has problems with Greg Jackson’s statements stating he wouldn’t coach Evans or Jones if a fight between the two MMA fighters ever happened. On BJ Penn’s website , Evans was quoted to have said

What’s gonna happen is, the team’s are gonna split apart. If I know there’s a chance I’m training with Jon and Greg’s training with Jon, I’m not gonna train with Greg any more, EVER again. Because I need my coach to always be able to coach me no matter who I’m gonna fight. If he can’t do that, I don’t feel that there’s a use for me having him as my coach

Very strong words coming from Rashad, who has trained with the Greg Jackson MMA academy ever since winning the second season of the Ultimate fighter reality series.

It is very surprising to see Jon Jones’ opportunity to fight for the UFC light-heavyweight title of the world cause so many problems for the Greg Jackson MMA academy. The Jackson camp fighters have always seemed close with one another, and it is rather surprising to see a MMA fighter of Rashad Evans caliber react so negatively to his teammate’s chance at an amazing opportunity.

While no one knows exactly what went on between these two MMA fighters behind closed doors, I have a hard time placing any blame on Jones for all the drama that has taken place between the two. The UFC gave him a shot at the title after defeating Ryan Bader at the UFC 126 MMA fight event, what was Jones supposed to do, decline the opportunity of a lifetime because he was worried he might offend his teammate?


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