Paul Daley Claims it’s Personal with Dana White

Strikeforce welterweight fighter Paul Daley, got another opportunity to work with the Zuffa family, when the UFC’s parent company acquired the MMA promotion.

Daley has already been part of the UFC, winning his first two fights in the MMA promotion. Daley was then released, due to a cheap shot he took after his three round fight with Josh Koscheck. While many MMA fans might point out that UFC President Dana White plays favorites with some of the fighters in the promotion, most would agree Daley’s termination from the promotion was a good call.

Apparently, Daley doesn’t seem to feel the same way. When Zuffa initially purchased the Strikeforce promotion, Daley considered backing out from his scheduled fight. Daley wasn’t sure if he wanted to take the championship opportunity against fellow top MMA fighter Nick Diaz on April 9, which will now fall under the Zuffa banner. Daley felt his termination from the UFC was because Dana White had a problem with him, and not because of his actions. In his own words,

If no explanation or reason is given for disliking me, I’m generally going to dislike someone in return. If Dana gives me an honest opinion — aside from hitting Koscheck after the bell — as to why he genuinely dislikes me, then at least I’d get some explanation

While I was actually looking forward to Daley’s return to the Zuffa family, his comments seem to indicate he hasn’t really taken the time to reflect on the events that led to his termination from the UFC. Like a brat, he lashed out at Koscheck, who simply followed a smart game plan against the extremely dangerous striker.

Dana White doesn’t dislike him for personal reasons. If anything, Daley would have been one of Whites favorites as his fighting style is extremely entertaining. No, White dislikes him because his behavior would be unacceptable in any professional sport. Sucker-punching your opponent after losing a fight is as low as it gets in professional sports. If an athlete in any other sport did the same, they probably wouldn’t have a job either.


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