Overconfidence Costs Amir Khan Once Again

Without a doubt, overconfidence had something to do with Amir Khan’s loss against Lamont Peterson last December, and it seems like the British boxer hasn’t learnt from his past mistakes.

Going into his fight against Peterson, Khan seemed more concerned about a potential bout against Floyd Mayweather, and it ended up affecting his performance against “Havoc.” Khan made the same mistake going into his July 14 bout against undefeated Danny Garcia, and it lead to another embarrassing loss.

Not surprisingly, Amir Khan started off well against Garcia, landing the cleaner, crisper punches. He opened up a cut over Garcia’s right eye in the second round, and for a moment, it looked like Khan was on his way to another victory. However, Khan slipped up defensively in the third round, and Garcia made him pay for it by sending him to the canvas with a left hook. Garcia kept up the pressure in the fourth round, sending Khan to the canvas two more times. After the third knockdown, referee Kenny Bayless decided to stop the contest even though Khan beat the count.

“I knew I was going to win this fight,” Garcia said after the fight. “I’m the unified champion at 140lbs. I needed a great fighter in front of me to show how good I am. Now everyone knows. I am a killer. I will fight anyone, anywhere, any time. … I hit him with the same shots I hit [Erik] Morales with – except he took them, which shows what a great fighter he is. Khan couldn’t take them.”

Even though Khan wasn’t able to get past Garcia – who seemed like an easy fight for him on paper, he did show a lot of heart inside the ring. Unlike his last fight against Peterson where he resulted to pushing and running when things got tough, Khan never backed down against Garcia, going out on his shield.

Still, with his loss to Garcia, Khan’s chances of getting a fight against Mayweather are slim to none. He won’t have any big-name fights in his near future, and he’ll probably have to settle for a rematch against Peterson or Garcia.


Kevin Mitchell, “Devastating knockdown for Amir Khan sees Danny Garcia take his title

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