Oscar De La Hoya Contemplating Eight-man Tournament

Golden Boy Promotions founder, Oscar De La Hoya, is current entertaining the idea of an eight-man tournament involving the best 154-pounders in boxing right now, and he’s hoping to secure a few big-names as well. He also wants to make the tournament significantly shorter than others in the past

“Why not do an eight-man tournament in a shorter period of time,” De La Hoya said. “Why not have three fights or even four fights in one night and make it a single-elimination tournament in a shorter amount of time. It doesn’t have to last a year or two years. You can make it single-elimination, and this tournament can last just a few months.”

I definitely like the idea of an eight-man tournament at 154 pounds, as it’s arguably the most stacked division in boxing right now. It’ll give fans of the sport the opportunity to enjoy multiple competitive fights in a short period of time, while giving the lesser known fighters the opportunity to reach a larger audience.

“You don’t necessarily have to be the winner of a tournament like this,” De La Hoya added. “If you fight in a great fight, then you’re going to come out of that tournament a star. Win or lose, as long as you fight, you don’t lose. But a tournament at 154 pounds would be incredible. It would be amazing. … [Cornelius] Bundrage, [Austin] Trout, [Erislandy] Lara, [Saul Alvarez] Canelo, [Miguel] Cotto, [James] Kirkland, [Alfredo] Angulo making a comeback. [expletive], I might even throw myself into the mix.”

Securing top name fighters like Miguel Cotto won’t be easy, but it is possible if the money is right. Even without the biggest names in the division, there are still enough competent fighters at 154 pounds to make the tournament a success.

It should be an easy sell for Golden Boy promotions, and I for one look forward to the possibilities.


Lem Satterfield, “De La Hoya eyes 154-pound tourney

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