Is Manny Pacquiao all hype and no substance?

For almost a decade, boxing fans and pundits alike have been claiming Filipino sensation Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter of this generation, but in many ways, he hasn’t held up to the hype.

The media’s engagement in Pacquiao’s career may be sourced into the notoriety of his competitor Floyd “Money” Mayweather (43-0-0 26 KO’s). It’s the hero vs. villain aspect… And nobody likes a villain, even if he has tremendous boxing skills.

Just stepping in the ring with Mayweather can turn a boxer’s career from rags to riches. The capricious ruler of boxing is hated by many outside his circle of fandom. In fact, Even the American public will back a lesser known Victor Ortiz or Ricky Hatton for the purpose of seeing “Money” get his crown taken away.

The endless hatred for Mayweather has lead to swarms of media bias. When it came to the drug testing scandal with Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao refused Olympic style drug testing, many journalists made every excuse in the book for “Pac-Man”, something that lead to awful mainstream media-journalism in the sport of boxing – something the sport doesn’t need.

They often refused to note that every great athlete has done drug testing; from Michael Jordan to Wayne Gretzky. At this time, many still refuse to note who truly is the greatest boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After being steamrolled by Juan Manuel Marquez in December, these same people were left to turn their heads, nobody could save the overly publicized fighter this time. The better man (Marquez) finally crawled out with the “W”.

It’s not Manny’s issue. It’s Marquez. Marquez should be 4-0 against Pacquiao, And the predictions of the fans and pundits should be 0-4. Marquez, who lost a wide decision to Mayweather in 2009, has finally got the pound-for-pound recognition he rightfully deserves.

Pacquiao has been exposed for who he truly is; a gifted world class fighter who never truly took to the delicacies of the sweet science it takes to be a legend.

Original article by David King
Rewritten by Corey Quincy

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