Depressed Manny Pacquiao fans go through stages of grief

Denial, anger, and acceptance are the three primary mental stages those stuck with grief are often said to suffer through. Manny Pacquiao’s legion of Filipino and American followers are suffering from something akin to that right now.

“Pac-Man” suffered the most damaging loss of his luminous boxing career on December 8th, Knocked out flat on the canvas in the sixth round by Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez.

After a thrilling back and forth fight over the first six rounds, Marquez, who was down and badly hurt just moments ago, shocked the world with one giant overhand right.

Some timid observers went as far as thinking he was dead. It was such a revolting knockout.Many boxing fans cheer at the thought of such a scandalous upset knockout victory, others disapprove, making false comments on internet forums and discussion sources. Either way, we all know what these fellas went through back in December.

The First Stage: Denial

“No, Pacquiao was cheated, Marquez was pumped up on steroids!”

We all heard this; the same people who refuted claims of Manny Pacquiao not wanting to do Olympic-style drug testing and actually being on performance-enhancing drugs are now pointing fingers at “Dinamita”.

Although a knockout is one of the most clarified, sudden forms of asserting dominance in the squared-circle some began denying the fact Marquez took the fight fairly, calling him a cheater and a fraud. But as you can tell by the theme of this article – these poor folks are just in denial.

The Second Stage: Anger

“Pacquiao’s political career is ruining his boxing career! Freddy Roach is an awful trainer! Jinky is a jinx!”

Really boxing fans? You have the audacity to take away from one of the best upsets, knockouts and fights of 2012 with foul-minded slander? I think we all know better. It’s time to accept the truth.

Many boxing fans are exclaiming trainer Freddy Roach’s health decline due to his Parkinson’s disease with Manny Pacquiao’s loss. Some say it’s his expanding personal life, widening political agenda.

The Final Stage: Acceptance

Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by his ultimate Kryptonite. Juan Manuel Marquez. It’s undeniable. He landed a big right hand flat on Pacquiao’s jaw and that was the end of the fight.

Can Pacquiao return? Maybe. But it will require the best efforts he has ever put forth in his boxing career.


Original article written by David King

Rewritten by Corey Quincy

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