Sergio Martinez woudn’t mind giving Chavez Jr another beating

Sergio Martinez (50-2-2 28 KOs) once again humbled his critics on September 15th of last year, scoring a WBC title winning decision over Mexican boxing star, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

For the majority of the bout, Martinez controlled the action, bossing Chavez Jr. on the front foot with superior craft. In Round 12, down nearly unanimously on all three judges’ scorecards, Chavez Jr. finally opened up, tumbling Martinez to the canvas, forcing him to fight from a scorecard incline to defend his lineally captured throne.

As one would expect, the son of a boxing legend felt this had founded his grounds for a rematch. Decking such a luminous champion in Martinez is an impressive move, but after 11 and half lopsided rounds, most observers were not convinced.

Martinez felt the same, shaking off the Mexican prodigy’s words, moving forward with a planned April 27th return in his homeland of Argentina against Martin Murray of Great Britain. Martinez also noted if he wants to be “fractured and beaten up” after such a slouch of an effort last time, something can be arranged eventually.

Given the circumstances, there is no doubt Martinez would be a clear betting favorite prior to a rematch with the heavy handed Mexican. Although a flashback to that fateful twelfth round dwells a shot for Chavez Jr., should Martinez budge to an eventual rematch.

I actually feel some intrigue for a rematch with Martinez and Chavez Jr. Chavez Jr. oddly refused to box the first time out. If he puts his foot on the pedal earlier in the fight, Martinez would likely not have strolled on by as easily. As in Martinez’s bouts with Kelly Pavlik and Paul Williams, the Argentine can handle some pressure, but in his late 30s, a man can begin to wilt. The question is, when will his body begin to fail him?

If Chavez Jr. doesn’t allow Martinez to make the first move and avoids waltzing in without throwing, he should be able to hold his own against “Maravilla.”

First, as previously mentioned, Martinez must get past a stiff test in the undefeated Murray on 4/27 in Buenos Aires, which you can view live on HBO. Chavez Jr. is currently under a nearly concluded nine-month ban for testing positive for a banned substance (Marijuana) after his Sept. clash against Sergio. But that should not have any impact on a possible fall bout.

Original article by David King

Revised by Corey Quincy

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