Miguel Cotto Feels Floyd Mayweather is Ripe for a Loss

Even with May 5 slowly approaching, WBA super world light middleweight champion Miguel Cotto remains confident about his chances against Floyd Mayweather. He plans to shock the world when the two collide at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

Cotto redeemed himself in his last boxing match, attacking Antonio Margarito’s eye until the ring-side doctor was forced to stop the fight. The victory was particularly sweet for Cotto, considering the fact Margarito handed him his first loss as a professional boxer. Margarito was caught loading his gloves in his next fight against Shane Mosley, prompting many boxing fans to question the legitimacy of the win.

With his win against Margarito, Miguel Cotto feels he’s ready to face the very best boxers in the sport, and it starts against Floyd Mayweather on May 5.

“Everything happens in life for a reason,” Cotto said in a recent interview. “The fight could’ve happened 4, 5, 6 years ago, but it happens now. I feel better right now. I feel that after Margarito’s fight on December 3. I feel much better about myself. I think this is the right moment for this fight.”

Even though Cotto expects to walk away with the victory against Mayweather, it’s pretty obvious he has a lot of respect for the WBC welterweight champ. Cotto initially tried to negotiate a fight against WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, but weight issues prevented that fight for ever materializing – Pacquiao wasn’t willing to fight above 147 pounds.

Cotto seems grateful Mayweather is willing to fight him at 154 pounds, but he doesn’t think boxing’s pound-for-pound king will be able to handle him at his natural weight class.

“Nobody is invincible in life,” Cotto added. “I know that because I passed through that point in my life. I’m ready for anything Floyd brings to me on May 5. The question is if he’s ready for anything Miguel Cotto can bring. I know he’s a hard worker but he’s going to have in front of him a hard worker like him.”

Given his unique skill set, Floyd Mayweather will probably emerge victorious on May 5, but I do expect Miguel Cotto to steal a few rounds. In the end, Mayweather is simply in a class of his own, making him the favorite against anyone that steps inside the ring with him.


Jake Donovan, “Cotto: This is The Right Moment To Fight Mayweather Jr

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