Manny Pacquiao Ready for Floyd Mayweather After Chris Algieri Win; Will Both Men Finally Reach an Agreement?

On Saturday, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao did everything but stop Huntington, New York’s Chris Algieri.

The white-collar American boxer was an easy sell, but offered nothing more than sparring work for Pacquiao. The Filipino sensation scored six knockdowns against the former WBO Light Welterweight titlist, who was stripped upon fighting for Pacquiao’s Welterweight strap.

At 35, it appears “Pacman” has yet to lose traction. He has lavishly linked together three-straight wins since being stunned by Juan Manuel Marquez in round six of their 2012 thriller.

Some felt that would be the end of Pacquiao, they were wrong.

Chris Algieri aimed to shut him out, but, instead, could hardly plant his jab without getting caught by one of Pacquiao’s effective counter shots.

The previously unbeaten Algieri spent much of this fight receding ground; backsliding. Lasting twelve-rounds was a moral-victory in it’s own seeing the mismatch it proved to be. Pacquiao was, indeed, Manny Pacquiao. He was dynamic.

So, we find ourselves set to reweigh “the fight”.

What comes to mind when you think of “the fight” that fans want to see in 2015?

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather.

“I really want the fight. The fans deserve it. It’s time to step up and say ‘yes’,” Pacquiao said after beating Algieri.

Empty dialogues about this fight recrudesce after each win by Pacquiao or Mayweather. Until these two sign their names on a sheet of paper, it will be painfully ignorant to think anything of it. The clamor by fans and the press is often incessant, but as trivial as the jargon offered by the fighters.

Mayweather questions Pacquiao’s worthiness; Pacquiao questions Mayweather’s willingness. It is all nonsense.

So, will they actually fight?

It’s nearly rhetorical. Probably not. There are too many barriers, too much reluctance by both parties. If it does, the winner supersedes the loser as the man — singular — of his time. It would be the paragon of modern boxing; what the sport really needs.

The fact that this fight won’t ever happen can be considered a sign of the times. Boxing is starving for a fight like this. It’s hunger will not be reciprocated. That was never the case when fans demanded Leonard-Hagler — maybe Tyson-Lewis — now, never, too late. We move on — reluctantly so — but necessarily.

Soon enough, we’ll move forward to the next chapter of each man’s career. Afterwards, the next generation of boxing. With that in mind, just sit back and watch the storyline unfold. You might just get surprised.


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