Manny Pacquiao Leaning Towards Rematch Against Timothy Bradley

Juan Manuel Marquez put on an impressive show during his 2011 fight against Manny Pacquiao, and the two might meet again for the fourth time later on this year. Pacquiao won the last encounter between the two, but many boxing fans and experts did give Marquez the nod.

Marquez was quite emotional after the loss, and for a moment, he didn’t seem interested in facing Pacquiao again, due to the fact that he didn’t feel he could get a fair shake against the Filipino congressman – who is the second biggest name in boxing next to Floyd Mayweather.

However, Marquez has had a change of heart since then, and he’s now looking forward to a fourth fight against Manny.

Ironically, after Manny Pacquiao enjoyed a controversial decision against Marquez, he ended up getting the short end of the stick after his June 9 fight against Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao clearly won the bout, but it was Bradley who benefited from the controversial scoring this time around.

The loss definitely put a wrench in Top Rank promoter, Bob Arum’s, plans for a fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez, and the “Pac Man’s” next move is still unknown. His contract with Bradley does have a rematch clause, and he’s also looking at a rematch against Miguel Cotto.

While Pacquiao and his handlers haven’t yet officially announced his next opponent, it does look like he’s leading towards a rematch against Bradley.

“I think it’s Bradley,” Pacquiao’s legal adviser, Franklin Gacal, said during an interview with the Philippine Star. “There’s a score to settle with Bradley.”

Arum is currently in the Philippines, helping Pacquiao figure out his next move. They’ll also be discussing a potential fight against Mayweather.

“I want to explore with Manny the feasibility of doing a Mayweather fight sometime next year,” Arum said during an interview with the Manila Star. “I have to get his idea on schedules and when he is going to have to start campaigning for office. … I am very optimistic we are going to get it done for next year.”


Bob Velin, “Pacquiao may be leaning toward rematch with Bradley

Ronnie Nathanielsz, “Arum confident of staging Pacman-Floyd next year

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