Mac Danzig Will Fight Donald Cerrone at UFC 131

Donald Cerrone and Mac Danzig will get to settle their beef at the UFC 131 MMA fight event. The two fighters have had animosity between them ever since Danzig made his feelings about the Donald Cerrone versus Paul Taylor fight matchup known. Danzig felt Cerrone hadn’t earned the right to such a high profile fight and Cerrone was quick to reply with words of his own. The whole fiasco was obviously an attempt by Danzig to secure a fight he felt would be good for his MMA career.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the UFC has decided to capitalize on the bad blood between the two MMA fighters. The two top caliber MMA fighters will meet in the Octagon at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. The UFC 131 event is scheduled for June 11 and consists of many other tough MMA matchups as well.

The fact that Danzig even called Cerrone out is a little puzzling to many MMA fans. Danzig is a solid well rounded fighter, but Cerrone fights with the kind of aggression that makes even the toughest MMA fighters in the world duck fights against him. Not to mention the fact that Danzig might not even be the MMA fighter he was when he won the Ultimate fighter season six.

Danzig has lost four of his last six MMA fights, only managing to secure wins against a slumping Joe Stevenson and Justin Buchholz. Cerrone on the other hand was at the very top of the WEC light weight division, before the WEC’s merger with the UFC. Cerrone has won five of his last seven fights and is current on a three fight winning streak against some very tough MMA fighters.

Cerrone will love nothing more than to shut Danzig up with his fists and add an Ultimate fighter to his list of victims. The fight should be very entertaining, and might even end up being the fight of the night. One thing is for sure, Danzig will be motivated now that he has received the very thing he asked for. A few more losses on his MMA record and Danzig might not even have a home in the UFC any longer.

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