Lateef Kayode Wants Roy Jones Jr. Next

Many boxing fans didn’t give Lateef Kayode much of a chance going into his fight against Antonio Tarver, but “Power” displayed his abilities inside the ring, dominating the earlier rounds of their June 2 encounter. Kayode did fade a bit in the latter rounds, so he’s performance certainly wasn’t flawless.

I scored the fight between the two in favor of Lateef, but the ringside judges deemed it a draw. Lateef Kayode was devastated by the decision, but he did get some vindication when the results of the post-fight drug tests came in. Tarver tested positive for drostanolone, an anabolic steroid.

Obviously, Tarver’s failed drug test makes Kayode’s performance a little more impressive. The Nigerian still wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a world cruiserweight champion, and he currently has his sights set on Roy Jones Jr.

“I’m ready to fight at any time. Anybody that is coming now I’m ready for,” Kayode said during an interview with World Boxing News. “I have called out Danny Green, but he hasn’t said anything or responded so we are talking about Roy Jones and I’m ready for anyone. … I know I deserve a shot at a title because I proved it to the world when I fought Tarver. I know where I am right now. I’m training so hard. I have just finished running and will go train at the gym later for four hours. I’m ready. I deserve that shot.”

Jones handed Pawel Glazewski his first professional loss on June 30, but his performance inside the ring wasn’t inspiring. I scored the fight favor of Glazewski.

Given their colorful personalities, a fight between the two might turn out to be quite entertaining, but it probably won’t be in Jones’ best interest. He’s taken a lot of punishment over the years, and it’s about time he hangs up his gloves.


Phil D. Jay, “Lateef Kayode Eyes Roy Jones Jr., Heavyweight Run

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