KJ Noons Returning to Lightweight Division

Former Strikeforce lightweight champion KJ Noons will be making his first appearance inside the cage since his loss to current welterweight champion, Nick Diaz. Noons will be dropping back to the lightweight division, the only weight class he has ever won an MMA title in. Noons was able to out strike Diaz in their first encounter, cutting Nick badly and forcing the ring side officials to stop the fight. The second fight went completely different for Noons, ending in a broken jaw and the third loss in his MMA career.

The former champion’s spirits apparently weren’t broken, as he will be making his return to MMA, barely six months after breaking his jaw. KJ’s opponent is yet to be determined but that fact shouldn’t bother the former champion. KJ’s fights in the past have clearly shown he is at the very top of the Strikeforce lightweight division. Before KJ’s loss to Nick Diaz, he was on a six fight winning streak with wins over well respected MMA fighters like Nick Diaz, Yves Edwards and James Berto.

While Noons will probably need a few victories under his belt before getting another chance to win the Strikeforce lightweight title, he has the skills to compete with many of the elite lightweight fighters in MMA. KJ’s striking is sharp, and his grappling has continuously improved over the years.

Noons will be making his return on the same fight card with Nick Diaz, who will be defending his Strikeforce lightweight belt for the second time. Diaz will be defending his championship belt against one of the top welterweights in MMA right now, Paul Daley. Diaz’s teammate, Gilbert Melendez, will also be defending his Strikeforce lightweight belt against Tatsuya Kawajiri.

It will be interesting, watching KJ Noons fight his way to a lightweight title fight. With how well KJ’s arch rival’s teammate Gilbert Melendez has been fighting, it won’t me much of a surprise if a KJ Noons versus Gilbert Melendez lightweight title fight eventually happens. With all the tension between KJ’s camp and the Caesar Gracie guys, a fight between Noons and Melendez will be an easy crowd pleaser for the Strikeforce organization.


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