Kenny Florian dropping to featherweight division

UFC standout lightweight fighter Kenny Florian will be dropping to the featherweight division. The move seems to be a smart one for the standout MMA fighter, who has already had two opportunities to compete for the UFC lightweight title.

There have already been reports that Kenny Florian’s first featherweight MMA bout will be at UFC 131. Florian is expected to face tough Brazilian fighter Diego Nunes. With the high level of Kenny Florian’s game, he should fare pretty well, finally competing against MMA fighters his size.

The move to the featherweight division is a good one for Kenny Florian who has already lost twice as a title challenger at the lightweight division. While Kenny Florian is good enough to make a career out of the lightweight division, the reality is that he would always have problems against top level fighters who cut a significant amount of weight to make the lightweight division 155 pound limit.

Making the featherweight limit shouldn’t be a problem for Kenny Florian either. He started his UFC career on the first season of the ultimate fighter show, competing as a middleweight. Kenny miraculously made it all the way to the finals, even though he was clearly the smallest guy in the entire house. He had a couple of fights at the welterweight weight class before finally making a home for himself in the lightweight division.

At the featherweight division, Florian no longer needs to worry about fighting bigger guys. Watching his title fights against Sean Sherk and BJ Penn, it’s hard to say his size didn’t affect him negatively in those fights.

A move to the featherweight division doesn’t necessarily mean Florian will be wearing a championship belt on his waist anytime soon, the UFC featherweight title is currently being guarded by one of the top MMA fighters in the world in Jose Aldo. Jose Aldo was exceptional in the WEC and is expected to do the same in the UFC. A fight between Kenny Florian and Jose Aldo will be an excellent MMA fight that will definitely draw in the fans. I for one can’t wait to watch Kenny Florian start the next chapter of his career.

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