Juan Manuel Marquez Doesn’t Want 4th Fight Against Manny Pacquiao in Vegas

Juan Manuel Marquez was visibly upset after his controversial loss to WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao last November, and he wouldn’t mind another opportunity to show the world who the better boxer is.

However, Marquez is adamant that he won’t put himself in a position to robbed again, and he shared his thoughts during a recent interview.

“For a new fight with Pacquiao, I’m going to ask for us not to do it in Las Vegas,” Marquez said. “I have [been] robbed there three times, and I do not want it happening again. I disagree with the manner of designating the judges by the Commission of Nevada. I will ask for the fight to be made ​​in Texas or California, where things are more flexible in a matter of [selecting] judges. Moreover, if you will, the judges should be integrated with a Mexican, a Filipino and an American. What I want is to have honest, impartial judges appointed.”

Like many boxing fans, I scored the third bout between the two in favor Marquez, but I do think the Mexican fighter had a hand in his misfortune. He slowed down his output in the final rounds of the fight, paving the way for the controversial decision.

Juan Manuel Marquez was originally scheduled to fight on June 14, but he wasn’t able to finalize the bout. He’s currently looking at a July bout, but he does expect to face Manny Pacquiao in November – assuming things go well for the Filipino congressman in his next fight against undefeated Timothy Bradley.

Over the years, I’ve certainly enjoyed the battles between Pacquiao and Marquez, and there is a demand for a fourth fight. Their last three fights have taken place in Las Vegas, and the change of venue might just be what Marquez needs to walk away with his first victory against Pacquiao.


Ernesto Castellanos, “Juan Manuel Marquez Lays Down Terms For Pacquiao Bout

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