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Even though many in the boxing community seem to think that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’ next fight against Josesito Lopez is a complete mismatch, the latter remains confident about his abilities. I can’t say I blame Lopez for believing in himself, considering the fact he pulled off one of the biggest upset so far in 2012, stopping Victor Ortiz during the ninth round of their June 23 encounter.

Obviously, Josesito Lopez will be in for a serious step up in competition when he faces Canelo on Sept. 15, but it’s hard not to appreciate his courage. He isn’t even intimidated by the fact that he’ll be moving up a weight class to face Alvarez.

“There is somewhat of a size difference, but it’s not that big of a deal,” Lopez said during a recent interview with Percy Crawford. “It’s not something that big of a deal. It’s not something I can’t overcome. … I feel like I can hang with any fighter out there. Just give me enough time to prepare and get ready and I will give anybody a tough fight. And I feel like, against Canelo, this is definitely a fight that I can win and I’m going to show it on the 15th of September…We’re not worried about the weight at all and what most people don’t know is I walk around at a heavier weight; heavier than most junior welterweights. I will feel comfortable at whatever weight I come in at.”

Lopez displayed some serious punching-power in his last outing against Ortiz, breaking Victor’s jaw with some solid shots in the eighth round. However, Ortiz landed the cleaner, crisper punches during the fight, and he was winning on all three official scorecards when the bout was stopped.

It’s hard to see Lopez out-boxing Alvarez when the two meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev. And he’ll probably have to rely on his punching power if he wants to emerge victorious on Sept. 15.


Percy Crawford, “Josesito Lopez: “We’re not worried about the weight…

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