Jon Jones Questions Chael Sonnen’s Heart, Soul, and Work Ethic

On April 27, Ultimate Fighting Championship light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, will defend his title against MMA’s self-appointed bad guy, Chael Sonnen, at UFC 159.

While the two have had moments of peaceful coexistence, the line in the sand has been drawn once again, with both men throwing harsh words at the other. Sonnen clowned Jones with a well-crafted poem on “UFC Tonight,” and Jones isn’t holding back either.

“The beautiful thing about Chael is that he uses his words. That’s about all he has,” Jones said during a recent interview. “He’s just a gang of quotes that no one is going to remember. He’s just weak in every way, shape, or form. He taps before submissions are even sunk it. If I put one hand around his throat, he’s probably gonna tap.”

Sonnen’s ability to captivate fans with his words has prompted some MMA experts and fans to compare him to the likes of boxing’s GOAT, Muhammad Ali, but Jones is certain he won’t be sharing the Octagon with a future legend when the two collide at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

“Guys like Muhammad Ali, they said a lot of things that were bold statements,” Jon explained. “The difference between guys like Muhammad Ali and Chael is that guys like Muhammad Ali actually believe. No matter how much he tries to convince himself that he’s gonna win this fight or that he’s the champion without the belt; he just doesn’t believe and that’s why he comes up short in every opportunity he has to be a champion. He doesn’t have a champion’s soul, heart, work ethic. Nothing.”

As far as Jones is concerned, that’s the main difference between the two men.

“I’m not going to quit in front of all these people,” Jon said. “I’m not going to quit on my dreams. I’m not going to tap away my dreams. You’re gonna have to take it from me.”

Sonnen arguably has some of the best takedowns in the UFC right now, and some believe that’ll be his key to victory against Jones at UFC 159. However, Jon doesn’t seem remotely concerned about Sonnen’s takedowns.

“If Chael thinks he’s gonna go out there and just repeatedly take me down at will like he did with Anderson [Silva], he has another thing coming,” Jones added. “He’s gonna know that right away.”

Even though Jones, Sonnen, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s brass all act like they’ve moved past the UFC 151 fiasco (Jon refused to fight Chael on short notice after his original opponent, Dan Henderson, pulled out due to a knee injury), it’s obvious that “Bones” still doesn’t feel “The American Gangster” deserves a crack at the 205 pound strap.

“He’s not a champion. He’s not made out of championship stuff,” Jones concluded. “He just wants that spotlight. He wants that opportunity. He wants that big fight, and I’m gonna give him what he wants. I will defeat Chael Sonnen in an extremely devastating fashion.”

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 8 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter and check out his blog.


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