Ishe Smith Lashes Out at Peter Quillin

After losing to Sergio Mora during the first season of “The Contender” reality TV series, Ishe Smith had his share of problems inside the ring. However, with two consecutive TKO victories, Smith feels like he’s finally back on track. He’s currently looking to increase his level of competition, and he wouldn’t mind getting a shot at undefeated Peter Quillin.

However, Smith doesn’t think Quillin wants anything to do with him, taunting “Kid Chocolate” during a recent interview.

“Quillin wouldn’t fight me if he had an extra arm and God blessed him with a third eye,” Ishe Smith said. “The guy is obsessed with me, he constantly hits me up on Twitter talking [expletive] and running his mouth. … It’s like this, if you’re not going to tell Al [Haymon] or Golden Boy to make the fight, then stop hitting me up and pump faking the fans. … I honestly don’t like the guy, that’s just how I feel. If I had the opportunity, I would beat the dog [expletive] out of him. … I can’t stand the guy. I am willing to go back up to middleweight to prove to the fans he is a fraud.”

The beef between Quillin and Smith has been well-documented, and it’s probably time the two settle their differences inside the ring.

Quillin looked good in his last fight against Ronald “Winky” Wright, effectively landing some rather unorthodox combinations on the crafty veteran. He even sent Wright to the canvas during the fifth round of their June 2 encounter – an impressive accomplishment by itself. Wright in his prime would probably been too much for Quillin, but I was still impressed with the 29 year-old’s performance.

Smith isn’t the only one who wants a shot at Quillin, and he’ll have to compete with the likes of Marco Antonio Rubio. Still, I think the bad-blood between Smith and Quillin will make for an entertaining fight, and it’ll be interesting to see which route “Kid Chocolate” decides to take.


Phil D. Jay, “Ishe Smith Eager: I Want To Prove Quillin is a Fraud!

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