Interview: Rob Sinclair Prepares for BAMMA 10 Showdown Against Andre Winner

British MMA fighter Rob Sinclair is currently on an impressive streak, knocking out his last four opponents. He’ll defend his BAMMA world lightweight title for the third time when he faces “Ultimate Fighter” season-nine finalist Andre Winner on Sept. 15. The two will headline the BAMMA 10 fight card, at the Wembley Arena in London, England.

I recently caught up with Sinclair to find out more about his preparations for his next fight.

David: How’s training camp going?

Rob: The fight was just announced last week, so I’ve only been training a couple of weeks. I’m injury free, and I’m looking forward to the next eight weeks of training.

David: What do you think about Andre?

Rob: To be honest, he’s very fast, very quick, former UFC vet. I respect the guy an awful lot, and he’s gonna be my toughest test, but I’m going to be training hard for him. I’m ready.

David: Have you ever trained with him in the past?

Rob: No, I’ve never trained with him. A couple of the people I train with have trained with him. The last person to train with him, trained with him a couple of years ago. Obviously he’s improved, so I won’t get any advantage there.

David: How do you think the fight is going to go?

Rob: I think there’s gonna be a long feeling-out process, because we’re probably gonna be a bit aware of each other. I think it’ll probably go into the championship rounds, but we’re both gonna try to finish it, we’re both hungry. … Hopefully, I’ll implement my gameplan the best and finish it early.

David: You went the distance with Paul Sass [3-0 in the UFC] in your last defeat [lost via split decision]; would you like to fight him again in the UFC someday?

Rob: The thing with Paul Sass is that I train with the guy now, so it would be very difficult to get the win back. That’s history now. He’s gone on to do big things; hopefully I’ll be right behind him, following in his footsteps. Me and Paul Sass, there is no rematch there. I wish him well in his future.

David: Are you interested in fighting in the UFC?

Rob: I’ve tried out for the “Ultimate Fighter” a couple of times, no success there. I’m not worried about the UFC. A lot of people are shouting out for me to go there, but at this moment in time, I’m contracted to BAMMA and I’ll be defending the belt soon. I can’t overlook Andre. He’ll give me a huge confidence boost if I do beat him. He’ll also give me an idea of where I stand. Can I matchup with these guys or not?

David: What do you do besides MMA right now?

Rob: I work a full-time job for British Gas… That’s a 40 hour a week job, that takes up pretty much most of my week, then I sort of train around that. It’s difficult, but I manage to do it.

David: Is there anything else you want to get out there?

Rob: I just want to say thanks to everyone who supports me. I get a lot of support in my home-town. I get a lot of support from UKMMA as well. I want to also shout-out a few guys who’ve helped me on the way. I’ve just been sponsored by Bad Boy – they’ve sponsored some really big guys – and the Fight Lounge… Sponsors like that have really helped me. You can follow me on Twitter @robc4sinclair. I try to answer everybody back.


Personal interview with Rob Sinclair

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 9 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter.


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