Georges St. Pierre is tired of the UFC’s current round format

Georges St. Pierre, the welterweight champion of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) doesn’t typically say a great deal, however this wasn’t the case for this native of Canada during his April 23rd interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

As it turns out, Georges St. Pierre has taken issue with the way the UFC and several other mixed martial arts (MMA) events are now formatting their rounds.

Fans from the beginning of MMA likely retain a good bit of longing for the old system when the UFC and Pride FC fights were not using the just recently implemented round system (which Pride FC never completely implemented). In those days, contenders wouldn’t rest until there was a clear winner. Combined with the only occasional enforcement of time limits, classic match-ups occurred like Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba I, which took an hour and a half before Royce’s team called it.

It certainly seems like an attractive option to return to the original system, but this would be a bad move for the image of the sport with states such as New York continuing to resist the emerging sport and the accusations of barbarism still fresh in the minds of many. The up side is with rounds, contenders have the opportunity to recoup leading to more exciting — and better quality — matches for the fans.

Original article by David King
Rewritten by Corey Quincy

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