Frank Shamrock Denies Match-Fixing Allegations

Veteran MMA fighter Frank Shamrock was quick to deny allegations by Former Elite XC Vice-President Jared Shaw that he offered to fix a fight against Kevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice. Slice was originally scheduled to fight Frank’s brother Ken Shamrock in the October 4, 2008, Elite XC MMA fight event, but ended up fighting Seth Petruzelli when Ken pulled out due a last minute injury.

The last minute matchup between Kimbo Slice and Seth Petruzelli turned out to be the worst thing that could have happened to the Elite XC MMA fight promotion. When the two MMA fighters met inside the cage, the Elite XC promotion was devastated as their golden boy was exposed by the former Ultimate fighter competitor. Kimbo suffered a humiliating knockout loss, and the Elite XC MMA promotion went out of business shortly after.

The events leading up to the Kimbo versus Petruzelli fight, is enough to cause tensions between Jared Shaw and Frank Shamrock. Kimbo would have probably secured an easy victory over the aging Ken Shamrock, and continued his role as Elite XC’s fight ambassador.

Instead, Kimbo was forced to take a fight against a well rounded Petruzelli, who was obviously too much for the former street brawler turned MMA fighter.

Now, Shaw is claiming Frank Shamrock came to him after his brother pulled out from the fight and offered to throw it. Shaw even indicated he thinks Frank threw his highly anticipated MMA matchup against the then undefeated Cung Le.

While I never really believed Ken Shamrock’s tale about how he accidentally got injured on the day of the fight, my feelings towards Frank are completely different. Frank was as instrumental as anyone else in developing the Elite XC brand, and I don’t think a MMA fighter of his caliber would ever throw a fight against Kimbo. If anything, Frank would have taken it to the Elite XC hype machine, displaying the difference between professional and street fighters.

I guess it all come down to respect. Frank Shamrock is one of those MMA fighters I have always held in high regards while Jared Shaw always struck me as a snake-oil salesman type.

David is a Brazilian Jiu jitsu and boxing practitioner that has watched and studied MMA for the past 6 years.

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