Floyd Mayweather Sr Says Jr Would Knock Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Out

Even though boxing’s heir apparent, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., has put together a 46-0-1 professional record, he’s yet to be embraced by many hardcore fans of the sport. Besides multiple issues with post-fight drug tests, Chavez Jr. received preferential treatment from the WBC during his journey to the middleweight title, rubbing many fighters and fans the wrong way in the process.

Like many boxing fans, Floyd Mayweather Sr. isn’t impressed with Chavez’ accomplishments inside the ring, and he doesn’t think he’s good enough to compete with the likes of his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“I’ll tell you the truth. This guy might be bigger than Floyd and all that stuff, but Floyd would whoop the [expletive] out of him,” Mayweather Sr. said during an interview with Chris Robinson. “He would beat the dog [expletive] out of him. … Knock his ass out.”

If Chavez Jr. sticks to his plan to fight Sergio Martinez on Sept. 15, he’ll earn a lot of respect from hardcore fans on the sport. Martinez is arguably the most dangerous middleweight on the planet, and it’ll give Chavez the opportunity to prove his skills against an elite opponent.

As far as a Chavez Jr. vs. Mayweather bout is concerned, it certainly has the potential for some fireworks. Chavez Jr. should be able to make 154 pounds if he’s really determined, and Mayweather might even agree to meet him at a higher catch weight.

Skill wise, Floyd Mayweather is the technically superior boxer, but Chavez Jr. will have a significant size advantage if the two ever meet. I don’t think Mayweather would be able to knock Chavez Jr. out, considering how well he handled taking big shots from Andy Lee during his last outing.

One thing’s for sure, Chavez Jr. will have to warm up to the idea of Olympic style drug testing, if he ever wants to fight the sport’s pound-for-pound king.


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