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The scales proved to be too tough of an opponent for “The Ultimate Fighter” season 18 contestant Cody Bollinger, leading to his dismissal from the reality TV series after failing to make weight for his quarter final matchup against Anthony Gutierrez.

Bollinger cried, moaned, then he eventually quit, earning himself a spot on TUF’s hall of shame.

Cody’s coach on the show, Miesha Tate, summed it up best.

“I’m extremely sorry,” Tate told UFC president Dana White moments after Bollinger was kicked off the show. “I literally tried everything [to help him make weight]. It’s really pathetic. And the fact he was our top pick and he pulls that? I mean c’mon, give me a break.”

After getting disgraced on national television, Cody has now set his sights on a new opponent: The President of the United States, Barack Obama.

“Obama is anti Christian and honors Islam,” Bollinger wrote on his Facebook page, per Bloodyelbow.com. “Getting sick of this bigotry. I wouldn’t mind whoopin his little ass once. Keep it up Obama.”

Yep, sounds like exactly what Jesus would do: whoop all those who disagree with him.

Former UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann was also silly enough to vocalize his desire to physically harm the most powerful man in the world a while back, earning himself a visit from secret service agents. More than likely, Bollinger will also get a courtesy visit from some not-so-friendly gentlemen in nice suits and shades.

While I personally don’t find Bollinger’s comments particularly offensive, they do give us some insight into his thought process. Despite his unprofessional behavior on TUF 18, Bollinger managed to sign a six-figure contract with the World Series of Fighting, yet, he’s willing to risk it all by making ignorant statements on Facebook.

Clearly, Bollinger isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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