Daniel Cormier Vows to Give Frank Mir a Vicious Beating at UFC on Fox 7

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner, Daniel Cormier, is in the final stages of preparations for his UFC on Fox 7 battle against Frank Mir.

The two will collide on April 20, at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

Mir recently criticized Cormier’s ability to finish fights, and the normally reserved big man didn’t appreciate the former UFC heavyweight champion’s comments. He returned the favor during an interview with Bleacher report.

“Frank’s being Frank,” Cormier said. “There are select few people in this world that can be in a situation that’s supposed to humble you and it just doesn’t happen. I think that’s happened time and time again with Frank. He’s talked about Brock [Lesnar] and he got beat up by Brock, and he still talks bad about Brock. Case one, Frank should have been humbled by the beating Brock put on him, but it didn’t work.”

Daniel certainly makes some valid points, considering the fact that taunting opponents prior to fights hasn’t historically worked out for Mir. Lesnar made him pay for his running his mouth prior to their second fight, and Frank’s decision to goad Junior dos Santos leading up to their UFC 146 bout didn’t seem to be a wise move either.

Still, it isn’t that surprising that Mir has decided to throw a few jabs at Cormier heading into their UFC on Fox 7 encounter, considering the fact Frank is an opinionated guy who doesn’t have any problems saying what’s on his mind. His trash talk is typically geared towards motivating himself and entertaining fans, not with malicious intent.

Regardless of where Mir is coming from with his critique of Cormier’s finishing abilities, “DC” plans to make him pay for it inside the Octagon come fight time. Daniel vows to make a strong statement when he squares up against Mir, but not in a conventional sense. Instead of looking for a quick finish, he plans to hand Mir a vicious beating at UFC on Fox 7, and break his will to fight.

“My intention in this fight is not to finish Frank Mir. I’m going beat up on Frank Mir for 15 minutes and I’m going to make him stay in that cage with me,” Cormier added. “If Frank Mir gets finished, it will be because he quit. … I’m going to make him check out of that fight, I’m not going to do it for him. I’m not going to do it for him. When he wants out of the fight, he’ll get out of the fight.”

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