Clay Guida Says He’s The Best Lightweight in the UFC, Confident Against Pettis

Always entertaining MMA fighter Clay Guida seems pretty confident he’ll be able to hand the last WEC lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis, a loss in his UFC debut. According to MMA News, Guida declared he was the best fighter in the lightweight division , referring to himself as “better than everyone” in the weight class. Guida will get his chance to prove himself against Pettis, when the two MMA fighters meet at the Ultimate fighter 13 finale, on June 4.

It is quite surprising to hear such strong words coming from Guida, regarding his upcoming fight against Pettis. My initial reaction to the news was that the UFC was giving the former WEC champion a safe, yet potentially entertaining matchup. After all, Pettis is coming off an impressive victory over Benson Henderson. Henderson is well known by MMA fans, for his solid wrestling ability.

With Guida’s main strength being his wrestling, he will be the one having a tough time adjusting to his opponent. Even if he manages to secure takedowns against Pettis, Guida will have a tough time keeping him on the ground.

While I always admire confidence in a MMA fighter, Guida has only given Pettis extra motivation with his comments. Come fight time, he will have a hard time trying to back his words up against Pettis, who only has one loss on his MMA record.

The fight really is a win-win situation for the UFC. A MMA match between Clay Guida and Anthony Pettis has fight of the night written all over it. It also gives one of their up and coming young MMA fighters, the opportunity to get a win over a well respected veteran of the sport.

While Guida has and always will be one of my favorite MMA fighters, at this point in his career, most wouldn’t really consider him a potential champion. Guida at this point in his MMA career is a gatekeeper for the UFC. If you think you’re good enough to fight for the lightweight belt, fight Guida and you’ll know for sure. For many MMA fighters, Guida has been the end of the road. For Pettis, he’ll represent the beginning what should be a successful UFC career.

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