Chael Sonnen’s MMA Career in Jeopardy

Former UFC middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen’s MMA career might be in trouble, thanks to his big mouth. Sonnen became very popular leading up to his fight against current champion Anderson Silva at the UFC 117 MMA fight event. Sonnen’s brash statements towards Silva made him an instant favorite with MMA fans, and his five and a half round domination of Silva (until he got submitted in the final minutes of the fifth round) solidified his place in the UFC.

Shortly after Sonnen’s fight against Anderson Silva at the UFC 117 MMA fight event, news of his failed drug test began to surface. The news left MMA fans unsure of what to think of Sonnen’s performance against Silva.

Sonnen appealed his suspension by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), and was able to shorten the length of his suspension, with a few false claims involving the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer. Now, Kizer is commenting on a meeting that took place between Kizer, Sonnen, and other MMA officials. In an interview with MMA junkie, Kizer said,

“With his explanations, I don’t know how productive of a meeting it was. I really did expect a much more constructive meeting out of that. But it just wasn’t there. I think Zuffa tried; I know we tried. I put the blame completely on Mr. Sonnen.”

When asked about the false claims made to the CSAC, Kizer wasn’t impressed by the MMA fighter’s response. Kizer commented saying

His point was, ‘Well, you and I have never talked before right now, but I don’t think I lied.

Kizer added,

Then he gave some very strange story and claimed, ‘My manager and you talked about therapeutic exemptions, and therefore, I just used the wrong word. I should have said ‘my’ instead of ‘I.’ As in ‘my manager’ instead of ‘I.'”

Kizer had no problems expressing how ridiculous he felt the answers Sonnen gave were. With his interview with MMA junkie, it doesn’t seem like Sonnen will be getting another license to compete in the state of Nevada anytime soon. This will pose serious problems for Sonnen’s MMA career, as Las Vegas, Nevada, is the official home of the UFC. To make matters worse for Sonnen, he is still waiting for the sentence in his felony money-laundering case.


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