Chael Sonnen Refuses to Back Down

With less than 48 hours before his UFC 148 rematch against Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen remains confident about his chances against MMA’s pound-for-pound best.

“I’ve never lost a round in MMA, I have no equal,” Sonnen said during an interview with Karyn Bryant. “You won’t find one scoring card that’s ever gone against me. If you add all my fights combined and you set a stopwatch, you wouldn’t find one collective minute that I’ve lost inside that ring. I am the most dominant fighter in the history of this sport.”

Even though Sonnen’s tactics have rubbed many MMA fans – especially Brazilians – the wrong way, he deserves a lot of credit for the excellent job he’s done marketing the fight. Chael Sonnen is arguably the best salesman in the UFC right now, and he’s guaranteed himself a nice paycheck regardless of what happens inside the Octagon on July 7.

Sonnen’s antics even led to an intense verbal outburst by the normally reserved Silva, and the middleweight champion has promised to make an example out of the “American Gangster.” He got into Sonnen’s face during a pre-fight press conference, and it’s pretty obvious July 7 won’t be just another day at the office for Silva.

Even though many hardcore MMA fans were actually glad to see Silva respond to Chael’s taunts, he did take some heat from the media for some of his comments.

Apparently, some think Silva might be a bad parent for saying, “I’m going to beat him [Sonnen] maybe the way his parents should have beaten him to teach him some manners, because he’s disrespectful, he’s a criminal, and I’m gonna beat him up like he’s never been beat before.”

Ironically, Sonnen came to Silva’s defense, admitting the whole thing was completely blown out of proportion.

“I thought everything he said was appropriate,” Sonnen added. “He referenced beating children and he’s taken heat for that and I don’t think that he should. I don’t believe that’s how he meant it at all. I think it came out and the media back lashed that on him when he talked about beating children. I think he’s probably a fairly good father in his real life. I don’t know him, but in his defense, that isn’t how he meant it.”

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