Chael Sonnen Compares Anderson Silva to Mike Tyson

Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight number-one contender, Chael Sonnen, had some more things to say about Anderson Silva during a recent interview, comparing the UFC’s middleweight champion to Mike Tyson.

“They told us for years when I was growing up that Mike Tyson was the best in the world,” Sonnen said. “The truth was he wasn’t even the best in the country. He never made a world or Olympic team and he could never beat Evander Holyfield who lived two states over. They just kept him away from him and lied to the entire planet and told them he was the best when he wasn’t. It’s a lot like that with Anderson. I’ve been telling him for six years I’m the best but he’s got to hold onto the championship. They kept putting obstacles in front of me and I kept having to go through them. That’s just the way it goes. I’m not complaining about that but that’s been my path to him and he ducked and dodged as best he could but he’s narrowed down now.”

Even though Chael Sonnen seems to have his own version of things, he’s actually received a lot of preferential treatment from the UFC. He earned his first title shot after winning three of his first four fights in the promotion, and UFC president Dana White was willing to give him an automatic rematch after his 2010 loss to Silva.

When you consider the fact that Georges St. Pierre was forced to fight Josh Koscheck before getting a second shot at Matt Serra (he ended up fighting Matt Hughes first for the interim title), and Frankie Edgar had to campaign for his rematch against Ben Henderson, it’s pretty obvious Sonnen is a favorite of the UFC’s brass. They even spared him from angry Brazilian MMA fans, relocating his rematch against Anderson from Brazil to Las Vegas.

Sonnen’s failed post-fight drug test is the main reason we’ve had to wait two years for the rematch between the two, and I think it’ll work to the “American Gangster’s” detriment at UFC 148. He’s given “The Spider” too much time to prepare for his aggressive wrestling style, and he might not even complete a single takedown at UFC 148.


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