Chael Sonnen Calls Out Michael Bisping, Demands Apology for UFC 127 Post-Fight Antics

MMA fighter Michael Bisping really ticked off a lot of UFC fans with his behavior at UFC 127. Bisping was obviously angered by Jorge Rivera’s antics leading up to their UFC 127 fight. Bisping’s behavior after his UFC 127 fight, prompted UFC president Dana White’s announcement that Bisping would be facing disciplinary action . Now, the former number one contender in the UFC middleweight division Chael Sonnen is calling out Michael Bisping, demanding an apology from the British MMA fighter for his actions at UFC 127.

In an interview with Fighters Only Magazine, Chael Sonnen called out Bisping, saying the British fighter needs to fight him or get released. In his interview with Fighters Only Magazine, Sonnen said

“I happen to know, from one of my very highly-placed sources at the UFC, that Michael Bisping’s ‘goodwill account’ is seriously overdrawn with the company. He’s on very thin ice wearing really sharp skates, if you know what I mean. So, there are only TWO possible outcomes for him: He can fight ME, or he can get released.”

Such strong talk coming from Chael Sonnen might be a little strange to many MMA fans, who consider Sonnen to be one of the biggest loudmouths in the UFC. Apparently loudmouths don’t always get along with one another, and Sonnen is taking advantage of Bisping’s current situation.

Bisping’s first mistake at the UFC 127 MMA fight event, was kneeing Jorge Rivera on the Head, while he was clearly down. For a moment it looked as if the fight was going to be stopped, until Rivera gathered himself and continued with the fight. Some MMA fans argue that the knee to Jorge Rivera’s head, changed the direction of the fight, and many feel the knee was intentional.

While it is ironic that Chael Sonnen of all people is calling out another MMA fighter for bad behavior, it is important to differentiate between the antics of the two fighters. Chael might be have a big mouth and a problem with admitting that he tapped during fights, but even Sonnen understands that using illegal tactics in a fight and spitting of all things is never acceptable in MMA. With fight promotions still battling to legalize MMA in several states, such behavior cannot be tolerated by the UFC.


Tim Groves,”Chael Sonnen: “He [Michael Bisping] can fight ME, or he can get released.”

Fighters only, ” Sonnen: Bisping owes ME an apology

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