Chael Sonnen on Anderson Silva: “I Don’t Want His Autograph, I Want to Spit on Him”

The UFC’s 185 pound division’s number one contender, Chael Sonnen, is never short of words, and he had some interesting things to say about his upcoming July 7 rematch against middleweight champion Anderson Silva during an interview with MMA30TV.

“I don’t want his autograph,” Sonnen said. “I want to spit on him. I want everything that he has. I’m jealous and I’m envious. And I will never apologize for that. There can only be one champion, and you have to fight it out. He’s not gonna give it up; I’m not going to give it up. We’re going to have to fight this thing out and figure it out like men.”

Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva were initially scheduled to fight in Brazil, but logistical issues forced the Ultimate Fighting Championship to move the bout to the UFC 148 fight card. The two will now get it on at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, as the main event of a star-studded fight card that is expected to be one of the biggest events in UFC history.

Sonnen did dominate his first encounter against Silva, but he ended getting caught in an arm-bar/triangle choke combo in the fifth round. Sonnen still believes he won his UFC 117 encounter against Silva, and he had a pretty amusing version of what really went down that night.

“That was a misunderstanding of the rules,” Sonnen added. “The way I thought it worked was that if you tap, you lost that round. I thought what they were going to do was go to the judges’ decision; they’ll go four rounds to one, then we’ll go home and I’ll be the new champion. And if anyone had explained to me that that stops the fight in its entirety, I would not have tapped. … I’d never been in a five round fight, I just didn’t know.”

Regardless of how one feels about Sonnen, he’s clearly one of the most entertaining personalities in the UFC.

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