BJ Penn and Jon Fitch Rematch Set for UFC 132

Top welterweight fighters BJ Penn and Jon Fitch will get another chance against one another at the UFC 132 MMA fight event, scheduled for July 2, at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The first matchup between the two top contenders at the UFC 127 MMA fight event, ended in a controversial draw. The winner of the UFC 127 fight between the two MMA fighters was expected to face current welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre down the road.

In the only encounter between the two well respected MMA fighters, BJ Penn came out sharp in the first round, easily outpointing Fitch. In the second round, Penn’s biggest weakness became apparent during the UFC 127 fight between the two MMA fighters. Penn started showing signs of fatigue in the second round, giving Jon Fitch the opportunity to get back in the fight.

If Penn hadn’t gassed out at the UFC 127 MMA fight event against Jon Fitch, BJ would have probably secured the victory over him. Unfortunately for BJ, his cardio once again let him down. The draw wasn’t the worst possible outcome for the former lightweight champion who had been written off by some after his second loss to current UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar. For BJ, a draw against a bigger Fitch who had won 21 of his last 22 fights, sends a clear message that the Hawaiian is far from done.

Fitch on the other hand was disappointed with the draw at UFC 127 MMA fight event. Fitch, who has been one of the most dominant MMA fighters in the UFC’s welterweight division, was the favorite going into the fight against Penn. The fact he was unable to squeeze out a win against BJ who has competed at the lightweight division for most of his MMA career, doesn’t earn Fitch any extra points with the UFC matchmakers.

The fight between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch at the UFC 132 MMA fight event should be as interesting as the first encounter between the two fighters. As long as BJ’s cardio is up to par come fight time, the MMA legend should be successful in handing Fitch his second loss in the UFC.


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