Bisping Will Forfeit Bonus as Punishment for UFC 127 Antics

UFC president Dana White has announced Michael Bisping’s punishment for his behavior after his UFC 127 fight against veteran MMA fighter Jorge Rivera. On March 15, White announced Bisping would be forfeiting his fight bonus as punishment for his less than admirable behavior at UFC 127. The exact amount of the fight bonus Bisping will be forfeiting has not been disclosed. Many believe the amount of the fine is anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000.

During the highly anticipated fight between the two MMA fighters who had developed a lot of animosity between each other, Bisping landed a hard knee on Rivera’s head in the opening round of the fight. Many MMA fans felt Bisping’s knee on Rivera was intentional because Rivera was clearly down. After winning the fight, Bisping really ticked off a lot of MMA fans when he screamed insults towards Rivera and spat in the direction of Rivera’s corner men.

While I’m not a fan of Bisping’s behavior, the idea that a MMA promotion can simply take away a fighter’s bonus after the fight does rub me the wrong way. While Bisping clearly acted like a total jerk during and after his fight against Jorge Rivera at the UFC 127 MMA fight event, I’m not the sure the punishment fits the crime, especially if the actual bonus forfeited turns out to be closer to the $150,000 range.

A suspension or something else along those lines would have been a more appropriate punishment for Bisping’s behavior. After all, the fight between Bisping and Rivera was the most anticipated fight of the UFC 127 MMA fight event. UFC president Dana White might have dropped the ball on this one as the punishment will rub many fighters the wrong way.

Regardless of whether the punishment fits the crime, Bisping does have to take the time to reflect on how he handled the whole situation with Rivera. His less than lovable personality has already cost him many MMA fans. For someone who is supposed to be an ambassador for British MMA fighters in the UFC, Bisping has a long way to go in terms of living up to the expectations placed on him by the promotion.


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