Bellator 36 Results

The opening round of the Bellator lightweight tournament turned out to be a successful night of MMA fights. The judges were completely unnecessary at this event as all fighters on this MMA fight card made sure to finish their opponents. Here are the results for the Bellator 36 MMA fight event held on March 12.

Patricky Freire defeats Rob McCullough

Very entertaining back and forth MMA fight that almost went the full distance. Freire easily won the first round with his vicious ground and pound. McCullough recovered in the second round and managed to even out the fight. Both MMA fighters were pretty even in the third round, until a big right hook from Freire sent McCullough to the ground.

Toby Imada defeats Josh Shockley

Shockley looked really good to start the fight, landing a few punches and eventually taking Imada to the ground. Shockley got a little careless on his ground-and-pound and Imada capitalized on it by securing the arm bar. Shockley tries to slam his way out of the lock but it’s too late. Imada wins the fight by arm bar in the very first round.

Lloyd Woodard defeats Carey Vanier

This was another entertaining fight on the Bellator 36 MMA fight card. Vanier had problems securing takedowns on Woodard, and ended up taking a lot of punishment on his feet. Woodard really turned up the heat in the second round. He dropped Vanier to the ground with a well timed left hook and finished him off with a barrage of punches.

Michael Chandler defeats Marcin Held

Chandler came out aggressively and almost paid for it when Held used a botched takedown attempt to secure a kneebar. Chandler barely escapes the submission and finds himself in Held’s guard. Chandler blocks a few submission attempts while bombarding Held’s face with punches. Chandler eventually passes from guard and secures an arm triangle choke. Held refuses to tap but eventually loses consciousness, giving Chandler the submission victory.


Chad Leonhardt defeats Kelly Leo (corner stoppage, round 2)

Kevin Aguilar defeats Matt Hunt (TKO, round 1)

Booker Arthur defeats Javone Duhon (submission due to elbows, round 2)

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