Antonio Margarito Reflects on His Decision to Retire

Former WBO welterweight champion, Antonio Margarito, decided to hang up his gloves after losing his rematch against Miguel Cotto. Even though Margarito insists retirement was the best option for him, considering the condition of his right eye – which was badly damaged during his 2010 bout against Manny Pacquiao, he stills believes he could have turned things around if the fight wasn’t stopped.

“I always said Cotto didn’t have a punch. I sincerely didn’t feel his punch [even though] he hit me,” Cotto said during a recent appearance on ‘The Boxing Lab.’ “I think the fight with Cotto shouldn’t have been stopped. I think my eye was much more swollen against Pacquiao. It was three times more swollen for that fight. … But because of that I thought in any fight, not just against Cotto, the same thing is going to happen when my eye gets inflamed. I thought it could get worse for me. I started thinking retirement because I thought the same thing will happen in every fight and that’s what I didn’t want.”

Even though Antonio Margarito thinks he could have taken over during the final rounds of his second encounter against Cotto, the odds certainly weren’t in his favor. Cotto dominated the rematch, out-boxing “El Tornado de Tijuana” with ease. He clearly would have won the decision if the fight went the distance.

Retirement does seem like the best option for Margarito, considering the fact he hasn’t been the same after getting busted for loading his gloves – with a plaster-like substance – prior to his 2009 fight against “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Margarito is only 34 years-old, but his body has taken a lot of punishment over the years, thanks to his aggressive, brawling style.

When one factors in the number of boxers who fail to realize when it’s time to call it quits, Margarito deserve some credit for gracefully bowing out of the sport.


Luis Sandoval, “Antonio Margarito Explains Why He Retired From Boxing

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