Antonio Margarito Announces His Retirement from boxing

A few days after Shane Mosley and Ronald “Winky” Wright announced their retirement from boxing, former WBO welterweight champion, Antonio Margarito, added himself into the mix.

Margarito announced his retirement on June 7, bringing an end to the controversial fighter’s 18-year professional career.

“After 22 years of full dedication to the profession I love, I have made the decision to announce my retirement from boxing,” Magarito stated. “After much thought and extended conversations with my family and team, we have all agreed that the time to hang up my gloves and begin a new chapter in life has arrived.”

The 34 year-old was scheduled to face Abel Perry on July 21, but that bout has obviously been cancelled.

Margarito’s aggressive fighting style made him a favorite amongst boxing fans, with 27 of his 38 victories coming via KO. Unfortunately, his legacy will always be linked to the hand-wraps controversy prior to his 2009 bout against Mosley – when California State Athletic Commission officials discovered a plaster-like substance in his wraps.

Prior to his bout against Mosley, some already had their suspicions about Margarito, due to the devastating effects of his punches against Miguel Cotto. Margarito damaged Cotto’s face to the point that the Puerto Rican boxer was forced to throw in the towel.

The “Tijuana Tornado” was never the same after getting busted for loading his gloves, losing three of his next four fights. He simply didn’t have the same power on his punches anymore, prompting some to question the legitimacy of his resume.

Margarito injured his orbital bone during his 2010 showdown with Manny Pacquiao, and that probably had something to do with his retirement as well. He took a serious beating in his rematch against Cotto (who still feels that the Mexican loaded his gloves for their first fight), and I’m sure the Puerto Rican boxer is feeling pretty good about himself right now, knowing he’s the man that retired Margarito.


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