Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones – Will It Ever Happen?

Ever since Jon Jones’ domination of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at the UFC 128 fight event, fans of MMA have been discussing a possible matchup with long-time UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. It’s no surprise that MMA fans want to see the brightest young superstar in the sport go up against the most dominant champion in the history of the UFC.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that such a super-fight will probably never happen. During a live chat session with the Seattle times, UFC President Dana White indicated Silva has no desire to return to the light-heavyweight division. Not really surprising, given the MMA pound-for-pound champion will be thirty-six years old in less than a month. At this point in his MMA career, there is no point playing around in the light-heavyweight division.

Besides, a super-fight with Georges St. Pierre is a much safer option for Anderson Silva. A MMA fight between Silva and St. Pierre will probably be the biggest draw in the history of the UFC. Silva’s primary concern against GSP would be his wrestling, while he would have worry about Jones’ extra long limbs, along with his wrestling.

For Jon Jones, a fight against Silva is a win-win situation for his MMA career. If Jones losses, the loss is insignificant as Silva has done the same to every other MMA fighter that has faced him in the Octagon. If Jones wins, he’ll add a victory over a legend to his MMA record and solidify his place in the UFC.

Predicting the outcome of a MMA fight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones is as hard as it gets. If the fight were to happen right now, I would have to go with MMA’s pound-for-pound king. If the fight ever happens down the road, then Jon Jones should be able to secure the victory.

For MMA fighters Silva and Jones, time has completely different meanings. For Silva, time will slowly become his worst enemy. For Jones, he couldn’t have a better friend. As hard as it is to believe, the Jon Jones we saw manhandle Shogun at UFC 128, won’t even stand a chance against the MMA fighter he will be in a few years. As long as he maintains his focus and keeps training hard, Jon Jones will be the future of the UFC.


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